Cairns Taxis Limited (formerly known as Black and White (Quick Service) Taxis Ltd) was established in 1966 through the merger of two local firms, Blue and White Taxis and Black and White Taxis, to create a fleet of 21 cars.

Over the years, Cairns Taxis has continued to grow to become a leader in the taxi industry. The company currently operates a fleet of 137 taxis that provide 24/7 service to the Cairns community. Cairns Taxis is committed to innovation, continually striving for improvement and efficiency through the introduction of new and updated technology.

Originally located next to the Hides Hotel, Cairns Taxis’ base of operations has moved several times over the years. In 1967, the company relocated to the new Andrejics Arcade, which required substantial expense offset by an agreement with Esso Australia for the purchase of fuel. Cairns Taxis has continued to expand, now servicing an area that stretches as far south as Wright’s Creek, as far north as Simpson Point, and as far west as the Henry Ross Lookout.

Cairns Taxis has a long history of amalgamating with other taxi companies in the area. In 1975, the last three taxis of Sunshine Taxis joined the Black and White organisation. In 1980, the Department of Transport expanded the taxi service area to include the Northern Beaches, and Machans Beach Taxi joined the growing organisation. In 1985, the Department again expanded the taxi boundaries to include Edmonton, and Edmonton Taxi Service also merged with the company.

Cairns Taxis has a strong presence in the Cairns community, with an investment in the region, including taxi licences, of over $70 million. The company’s base of operations is located at 16 Comport St, where it has a 24-hour call centre and radio communication base. Despite its growth, Cairns Taxis remains a co-operative of taxi owners and affiliated drivers, with the vast majority of owners being Cairns locals.

Cairns Taxis is recognised as the leading taxi company in Australia, with policies such as dress standards and a code of ethics that have been adopted by the State of Victoria. The company’s operating procedures have been replicated in many other cities and regional areas. Cairns Taxis is committed to being a leader in the future of the taxi industry, continuously adapting to an exciting and changing landscape.

Management Team

Robert Epps
CEO / Company Secretary

Starting with Cairns Taxis Limited in June of 2023 as the CEO / Company Secretary, Bob is an innovative professional with 20+ years of diverse management experience, expertise in strategic planning, facilities management, and risk mitigation. Known for developing corporate policies, increasing revenues, and fostering a productive team environment. Specializes in facilities and risk management, compliance, and emergency response planning.

Peter Humphreys
Operations Manager / RAD Connect Manager

Peter Humphreys has been an integral part of the RAD Connect team at Cairns Taxis for 22 years and 7 months. Starting his career with us, Peter has ascended the ranks to become the RAD Connect Manager. His extensive knowledge of telecommunications, project planning, and program management, combined with his mastery of two-way communication equipment, has been instrumental in his success. Known for his effective team leadership and emphasis on teamwork, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the communication infrastructure of Cairns Taxis. His vast experience and dedication make Peter a valued leader in our organization.

Jennifer Harrison
Finance / Administration Manager

Boasting more than two decades of dedicated service, our Finance and Administration Manager is a ground-breaking professional who has in-depth knowledge and understanding of Cairns Taxis and the broader Taxi Industry. This extensive experience, spanning over 20 years, has allowed for a rich understanding of the complexities and nuances of the industry. Jennifer's innovative and forward-thinking approach has consistently propelled our organization forward, fostering growth and upholding our strong reputation within the industry.

Christopher Balsom
Fleet Services / Call Centre Manager

Chris Balsom has served as the Fleet Services Manager at Cairns Taxis for nearly a decade. He started with the company as a Training Consultant in 2013 and subsequently worked as an operator in the call center. In November 2013, Chris was appointed Driver Training Officer, a position he held for several years while obtaining his MBA and TAE qualifications. In 2016, he was promoted to Fleet Services Manager. Chris has observed significant changes in the fleet services role over the years and looks forward to the technological advancements in the coming decade. As a key member of the management team, he now further demonstrates his dedication to the company by assuming the role of Call Centre Manager.