Join Our Team

Become a Driver

A career as a taxi driver is rewarding, offering unique experiences. It provides daily interaction with diverse passengers, insight into the city, and job flexibility. It also allows you to serve your community by helping people reach their destinations, offering a sense of purpose.

Become a Leasee

Leasing a Taxi Service License (TSL) can be a rewarding business venture. It offers high returns with low costs, and backing from established organizations like Cairns Taxis. Running a taxi business provides flexibility and independence, as well as the fulfillment of providing an essential service to the community.

Become an Owner

Acquiring a Taxi Service License (TSL) from Cairns Taxis offers flexibility, as it can be leased out or used personally. Additionally, it includes a share package in the company, aligning your interests with its success. This stakeholder status contributes to the community and potentially grows your investment as the company expands. Ultimately, purchasing a TSL is not just a business decision but an investment with potential growth and returns.

Radio and Data Communications

Joining the Radio and Data Communications Team at Cairns Taxis provides an exciting opportunity to work on the cutting edge of communication technology. It’s a chance to expand your technical skills while contributing to the efficiency of our operations. This role also offers a dynamic work environment and the opportunity to be part of a team that ensures our taxis are connected and our customer service is top-notch.

Call Centre Operator

Being a call centre operator with Cairns Taxis comes with a plethora of benefits. It offers dynamic work with a diverse clientele, enhancing communication and problem-solving skills. It also provides opportunities to contribute to the company’s success and customer satisfaction. This role, with its flexible hours, can be rewarding for those who enjoy customer service and team collaboration.

Mechanical Team

Joining our Mechanics team at Cairns Taxis offers the chance to work on a variety of vehicles, enhancing your technical skills. It provides a supportive work environment, where team collaboration is valued. Being a part of our team also provides opportunities for growth and advancement, making it a rewarding career choice.

Marketing, Social Media

Working in the Marketing Team at Cairns Taxis offers a multitude of benefits. It provides you with the opportunity to develop strategic thinking and creative skills as you contribute to our impactful marketing campaigns. The team is highly collaborative, offering a chance to work with motivated and innovative individuals who are at the forefront of modern marketing practices. With numerous opportunities for professional development and the chance to see your work directly influence the company’s brand presence, a role in our Marketing Team is a rewarding and enriching experience.


Working in the Administration Support Team at Cairns Taxis also has its own unique advantages. You will gain hands-on experience in business operations and administration, enhancing your organizational and multitasking skills. The team is known for its collaborative nature, enabling you to work closely with professionals from different departments. This role also provides opportunities for networking and learning from senior administrative professionals within the company, further solidifying your career in business administration.

Accounts Department

Working in the Accounts department at Cairns Taxis provides numerous benefits. Not only do you gain valuable experience in the finance industry, but you also get to work with a diverse and dedicated team. Our department is known for its supportive environment and opportunities for professional growth. Plus, working for a reputable company like Cairns Taxis adds a prestigious element to your resume.