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Cancer Council Panelist

By March 20, 2019No Comments

On the 19th of March, the Cancer Council of Queensland invited our Fleet Services Manager to attend their annual fund raising event as a Panelist on Workplace Culture.

The Cancer Council hosted a Corporate Networking Breakfast to promote Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and were partnered with the Cairns Chamber of Commerce.  The panelists for the event; Bianca Wilson (Century Cranes), Cathie Ratcliffe (Remax), John Hayward (WGC Lawyers) and Chris Balsom (Cairns Taxis Limited).

The goal of the event was to encourage businesses to host an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. To do this they run a corporate networking breakfast centering around workplace culture.

Cathy Ratcliffe from Remax had this to say after the event, “A huge shoutout to all who contributed to the breakfast this morning… Jenny, Emma & Sally.. thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.. John, Bianca & Chris you guys are testament to why your businesses go from strength to strength & are held with such high regard within our community. I wish you all continued success. ”

John Hayward from WGC, “Thanks again for including me in your very special event. Special thanks again to Sally for handling the MC role with such style.  It was very nice to meet Cathy, Bianca and Chris and humbling to be on a panel with all of them.”

Bianca Wilson from Century Cranes, ” Absolutely honoured to be a part of this mornings event, I hope there are many businesses interested in hosting a Biggest Morning Tea as a result of the gathering. Lovely to meet you John and Cathy. Good to see you again Chris and Sally. And once again Jenny & Emma you girls rocked😊. So together lets raise our cups in 2019 and get some desperately needed funds to Cancer Council Queensland so they can continue to make a difference to people struggling with this terrible thing we call Cancer.”

Chris Balsom from Cairns Taxis, ” What can be said that already hasn’t been said. I enjoyed being apart of such and interesting and informative event. It is so nice to hear about the work environments of other places and to talk about how they are working through their issues. I firmly believe that information is key in WORKPLACE CULTURE and events like this one spread the information, whilst raising funds for a well needed cause. Thank you all for allowing me to be apart of such a great event.”

The last word should really come from Jenny Coates, Snr Coordinator, Regional Fundraising, Far Nth Qld, Cancer Council Queensland. “Just WOW! Thank you all so much for your time.  I enjoyed listening to you all speak and we very much appreciate your support.”


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